SINA Nuclear medicine center Applications in Genitourinary system:

1- Renal scan with Tc-99m-DTPA for evaluation of renal perfusion and function (Differentiation of dilatation from obstruction, GFR measurement,…)-With or without diuretic

2- Renal scan with Tc-99m-EC for evaluation of renal perfusion and function (Best for patients with decreased renal function)

3-DMSA renal scan for cortical evaluation (For determination of renal scar, Cortical loss, Differential renal function,…)

4- Transplanted renal scan (For evaluation of complications after transplant)

5- Captopril renal scan (For studying renovascular hypertension)

6- Radionuclide cystography(VCUG) for evaluation of vesicoureteral reflux.

7- Scrotal Scintigraphy for differentiation of Testicular torsion from epidydimo-orchitis,…